What Are Some of the Best Restaurants in Culver City?

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In addition to new MINI vehicles, MINI of Santa Monica is your source for the best restaurants in Culver City, whether you’re looking for a casual or classy dining experience. We’re always on the lookout for highly rated restaurants with menus and atmospheres our Beverly Hills customers will love. Check out our quick list of some of the best restaurants in Culver City or near Culver City!


L.A. Weekly says Destroyer “follows new rules that seem contradictory to the idea of success and longevity but might just be the future of restaurants.” Open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Destroyer is a daytime-only Scandinavian-style restaurant that keeps it simple with items like coffee and oatmeal for breakfast, and lunch dishes like chicken confit, rice porridge, and beef tartare.


In the mood for laid-back dining near Mar Vista? Loqui can satisfy your cravings for homemade Mexican with options like mushroom, chicken, beef, and pork on corn or flour tortillas. Sides include chips and guacamole or salsa, rice and beans,  quesadilla, and extra tortillas.

Toast Bakery Cafe

Located a half-hour from Culver City in Los Angeles, Toast Bakery Cafe is a cozy brunch spot just minutes from West Hollywood. Their menu is a breakfast lover’s dream, and includes create-your-own omelettes, tri-berry pancakes, and coffee-cake crusted waffles. In the mood for lunch instead? Try their steak burrito or quinoa-kale salad!


Also located in Los Angeles, n/naka is an upscale kaiseki restaurant with booming reviews on Yelp, OpenTable, and Trip Advisor. They offer Modern Kaiseki and Vegetarian Tasting—each consisting of 13 courses and an optional wine or sake pairing. Modern Kaiseki is described as “a deep exploration of traditional Kaiseki,” and includes modern and traditional sashimi, Miyazaki Wagyu beef, and miso soup.

Stay Tuned for More Great Places to Eat!

MINI of Santa Monica is your source for the best restaurants in Culver City, including vegan options! A couple of the restaurants listed above are located in Los Angeles, so be sure to check out our tips for dealing with Los Angeles traffic! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us online, or stop by for a cup of coffee and to speak with one of our team members.

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