MINI Cooper Brand History

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MINI Cooper has an impressive history of advanced automotive engineering and reliability. Learn the history of the MINI Cooper brand from the experts at MINI of Santa Monica!

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What Country is MINI from?

MINI was established in 1959, and from then until 2000 it was produced by English-based manufacturer British Motor Corporation. However, in 2000, BMW bought MINI—adding the influence of another giant of European automotive history to influence the growth of the MINI brand.

What was the Inspiration for MINI?

In the years following World War II the Suez Crisis ramped up, eventually sending oil prices through the roof. In 1957, Sir Leonard Lord of the Morris Company put his lead engineer on the assignment of building a small and fuel-efficient model that could still fit four passengers. Thus began many decades of automotive innovation, including plug-in vehicles and crossover SUVs that still drive around Los Angeles with grace.

MINI Benchmarks

  • Widespread Popularity – The MINI has always been a vehicle for everyone. From families on a budget to young folks, these cars offer economy, style, and everyday practicality in a single, neat, and surprisingly spacious, package
  • Plenty of Space – The MINI design was unique from the beginning when MINI’s lead engineer pushed the wheels out to the corners and turned the engine on its side to provide more room for passengers without sacrificing performance.
  • Performance Heritage – From 1961’s Classic MINI Cooper 997 to a variety of pickup truck and wagon configurations, MINI has built a variety of models with the performance accolades to get you where you’re going with confidence.

Experience MINI Cooper History with MINI of Santa Monica

Drivers in Culver City have the chance to enjoy a piece of MINI history, as the new MINI vehicles for sale at MINI of Santa Monica continue to inhabit the greatest aspects of models past. Check out our lineup of new MINIs for sale, and don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more!


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