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As an established part of the Beverly Hills and broader Santa Monica community , the team here at MINI of Santa Monica knows about everything from Beverly Hills events to the finest Beverly Hills restaurants. If you find yourself here and aren’t sure what to do, try:

  • Eating at well-regarded restaurants
  • Strolling through Beverly Gardens Park
  • Shopping along Rodeo Drive
  • Seeing Greystone Mansion
  • Visiting an art gallery

Eating at Well-Regarded Restaurants

MINI of Santa Monica’s sponsored VINO-Palooza in the past , so it’s no surprise that Wally’s Vinoteca comes highly recommended. With cheese plates and a vast wine selection, this place is hip and fun.

Matsuhisa, a Japanese restaurant on La Cienega Blvd, offers steak filets and salmon filets, as well as Ocha Zuke. Ocha Zuke, of course, fuses green tea broth, seaweed, seafood, and japanese pickles into a tasty dish.

Looking for Italian? Il Cielo offers traditional Italian cuisine, perfect for romantic occasions for your night on the town.

Stroll Through Beverly Gardens Park

Home to the world-famous and much-photographed Beverly Hill Sign, Beverly Gardens Park is a spot you won’t want to miss. It’s renowned for the stunning Doheny Fountain and Wiltshire Electric Fountain. If you need to take some exercise, try jogging along its many running paths. If you’re more in the mood to meander, stroll through the Cactus Garden and Rose Garden. If you happen to be in Beverly Hills during the third weekends of May or October, visit the for the Beverly Hills Art Show, one of the top Beverly Hills events.

Shop Along Rodeo Drive

Made famous by Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman shopping spree, Rodeo Drive is a fashion mecca for the well-to-do. Even if treating to yourself to luxury clothing from high-end designers is a little too out of your comfort zone, Rodeo Drive is always a fantastic place to see tourists walking almost shoulder-to-shoulder with the serious spenders. For a little more shopping, head to Anderson Court. It’s right next to Rodeo Drive, and it’s the only shopping mall in the world designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. For more restaurant ideas, look to Rodeo for some of the best Beverly Hills restaurants.

See Greystone Mansion

If you’ve seen Batman and Robin, The Big Lebowski, The Prestige, Spiderman, X-Men, There Will Be Blood, or one of many other blockbusters, you’ll have seen Greystone Mansion. Also known as the Doheny Mansion, it’s a Tudor Revival mansion that sits on a landscaped estate with formal English gardens, and it’s one of the most popular filming locations in Beverly Hills. It’s also a public park, so feel free to pay a visit.

Visit an Art Gallery

You might think of Beverly Hills as a movie spot, but there’s art galore. For experimental photography, try Mouche Gallery. For fantastic modern masterpieces, visit the Gagosian Gallery. For older works from European masters, head to the Galerie Michael.

Contact MINI of Beverly Hills Today to Find Out More

MINI has as many awards as Beverly Hills has Oscars, and our showroom reflects the area’s desire for eco-friendliness. To learn about more activities in the area, such as arts galleries in Santa Monica, or to learn help tips like how to deal with Los Angeles traffic, simply contact us today.

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